We share the same vision as of many our clients and put Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) as the most important factor in our organization. All new employees must attend proper HSE training during orientation prior to start of work. Every working day without fail, toolbox meeting are held every morning prior to work start, so as to remind all employees to promptly follow safety rules, regulations and openly discuss hazard potential in our working conditions. 

We believe that this active interaction between our employees and management is a vital key to our success to HSE record. HSE should not be the only concern of the management but to all management and employees likewise.

For our commitment to HSE in our organization, we are proud to record a Zero accident and Nukote Indonesia intend and strive to maintain the Zero accident record.


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PT. Nukote Indonesia and its affiliations are committed to achieve the highest standards of environmental health, safety and environment measure and to provide a safe workplace for our employees and subcontractor.

We always comply with all applicable regulatory requirements from each client and implement programs and process to achieve greater protection, where appropriate. We will work with stakeholders to develop responsible laws, regulation and innovative program that provide safeguards for the community, the work place and the environment while providing flexibility to meet the needs of our business.

We seek a healthy and safe workplace, free of occupational injury and illness. We emphasize individual responsibility for safety by all employees and at all levels of management. We expect employees to report potential safety hazard and issues and be involved implementing solution. We will not conduct any operation without adequate safeguards. To maintain a safe work environment, employees are prohibited from processing or using illegal drug on Nukote premises or reporting to work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

We are responsible for members of the communities in which we live and work. We will continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of the effect of our operation on health, safety and environment. We are committed both to continuous improvement in our operation and sharing the knowledge that we gain with our employees, clients, the communities in which we live and work, the scientific community, government and industry.

We will establish and maintain appropriate control, including periodic preview, to ensure that this policy is being followed.