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PT. Nukote Indonesia is a coating applicator company which specializes in high performance anti-corrosive coating, waterproof coating and pipe insulation. The products that we carry are suitable for high temperature resistance coating for online and offline application in pressure vessel, boilers and steam generator, heavy duty anti-corrosive coating for buried pipeline and storage tanks, and high chemical resistant coating for waste treatment tanks and primary storage tanks which required high chemical and high temperature resistant coating. We also provide high performance waterproofing pure polyurea for waterproofing application for concrete and steel. For insulation needs, we provide polyurethane foam insulation in either spray or injection system suitable for building or pipeline insulation. Our company aims to provide a one-stop solution for our customers whether it is for high temperature needs, high chemical resistant, waterproofing or insulation needs.

Founded in 2005, PT Nukote Indonesia focuses in the coating application industry; however, the coating products that we chose for the application are from manufacturers who are internationally acclaimed with proven track record and vast experience in the industry. Now we
have grown up to steadily branching out into Oil and Gas, Shipyards, Mining and other heavy industries. Nukote Indonesia is totally committed in providing a total coating solutions to its customers - from product specification up to application and customer service. True to its motto - Only the best is good enough - Nukote Indonesia total work dedication together with various maintenance / engineer teams, have created the confidence that Nukote Indonesia deserve.

Nukote Indonesia is your sound and trustworthy partner for anyone who is involved in the coating industry.
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