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 Company Overview

PT. Nukote Indonesia provides Blasting & Coating services and Coating Inspection services, mainly to the Oil & Gas for both onshore and offshore operations, Mining and Military sector. We also provide high performance waterproofing and insulation to factories and commercial properties. 

Our company primarily deals with high performance coating such as Ceramic Metal Polymer for high corrosives environment such as offshore & marine application, buried pipeline and abrasive environment such as high speed impeller and pumps. Silicone Copolymer for high heat resistant application in working application ranging from 300F - 1400F, online and offline application, Temperature Indicating Coating (TIC) for pressure vessel and reactor, and internal and external coating suitable for boilers. High chemical resistant coating and mortar products suitable for floor coating in battery plant, steel pickling tank, waste water treatment, secondary containment. Polyurea and Polyurethane Foam for waterproofing and insulation application.